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As Good As It Gets | Episode 13

What do you get when you combine Will, Jeremy and an eloquent cosmopolite named Justin Stanwix and ask them to plumb the depths of the late 1990’s? You get gorgeous new turns of phrase like “the maybe camp” of course! And heretical interpretations of Jack Nicholson’s sexuality! And ribald tales of the private lives of moviegoers in fin-de-siecle Southampton, NY!

Can you live without the wisecracks? We can’t. We can’t even live without reason, but we can live without accountability.

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Jackie Brown | Episode 4

Visitors abound on this very special episode of The Great Debasers. Not only does Jeremy’s twin brother Jamie drop by Studio North to unpack the intricacies of plot and give some professional perspective on aging, but the pod’s first guest, Producer Paul M. Bernon (DRINKING BUDDIES, COLD TURKEY) calls in to talk pacing, debate BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD, and relive his days as a Boston University Sports Radio Co-Host. And that’s of course leaving aside the greatest mother fuckin’ visitor of all: Quentin Tarantino’s JACKIE BROWN (1997). From a world-weary realism to a superfly score to one hell of an understated orgasm, this movie’s got its levels set just where the Great Debasers like ’em. Indeed, if you’re ambitious to get high and watch TV, this is the pod for you! Cause the boys will NEVER wash the Jackie Brown out of their hair!

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