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What About Bob? | Episode 43

Even though you are an almost-paralyzed, multiphobic personality who is in a constant state of panic, please tune in to our extremely witty banter about this film.

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Ghostbusters | Episode 23

Did it ever occur to you that GHOSTBUSTERS is a subtle piece of libertarian agitprop? Do you ever wonder about the relation between Randian Objectivism and juvenile male chauvinism? Do you like movies about gladiators? Join polymath Alan Hoffman (of cloud computing, physics and pop cultural fame) in this preternatural episode about one of the greatest ’80s movies ever to be taped by your parents on VHS.

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Wild Things | Episode 12

What’s that, you say? The only thing you remember about this movie is that two girls make out in a swimming pool? Humbug! In this canonical piece of late 90’s camp you’ve got Bill Murray, you’ve got quadruple star-cross’d lovers, and you’ve even got solitary everglades fan-boating!

According to one Great Debasers, the 90’s hasn’t had its nostalgia moment yet. Join us and our brilliant guest Irin Carmon as we cruise back a decade and a half to visit a world in which people aren’t always what they appear to be.

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