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Waterworld | Episode 28

Will and Jeremy (respectively–and respectfully–hard on the heels of the multi-city nationwide premier of COLD TURKEY and a pretentious locavore dinner with French guests in San Francisco) indulge in some late night badinage over one of the most storied box office failures of the 1990’s. LA-based filmmaker Vlad Sillam, born in 1987, is our very first French guest on the show.

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The Silence Of The Lambs | Episode 27

Have the lambs ever stopped screaming, dear listeners? Memories, fellow debasers, is what we have instead of a view. Join us for a re-watching and re-reading of the classically traumatizing, intoxicatingly lepidopterous, terrifically fucked up film that taught a generation of filmgoers about ‘the tuck.’ Will joins us fresh off a stint in Florida where his feature film COLD TURKEY just screened at the Naples Film Festival and special guest Jake Cosden (writer, musician and cultural critic) offers a trenchant analysis of what it means to covet what we see every day.

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Ghostbusters | Episode 23

Did it ever occur to you that GHOSTBUSTERS is a subtle piece of libertarian agitprop? Do you ever wonder about the relation between Randian Objectivism and juvenile male chauvinism? Do you like movies about gladiators? Join polymath Alan Hoffman (of cloud computing, physics and pop cultural fame) in this preternatural episode about one of the greatest ’80s movies ever to be taped by your parents on VHS.

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Airplane! | Episode 21

This is an entirely different kind of rewatching, altogether! We have the privilege of welcoming not one, but two high-spirited guests to this raucous show about everyone’s favorite 1980’s send up. On this pod the one and only Scoop Wasserstein shares sweet morsels from the making of his 2012 cult classic HIJACKED and the legendary Dr Bob Galen gives the world a peek behind the kimono of his parenting mystique. Surely, you can’t miss this one!

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Wayne’s World | Episode 20

Friends, have you noticed that there are more than a few similarities between Wayne’s World and The Great Debasers? Are we mental? Sh’yeah! Just like Wayne and Garth, Will and Jeremy live in a hyper-citational universe of intertextuality and allusion.

Join us for our historic 20th episode in which we bring the expertise of Lee Jameson (of Houston, Texas) to the people! You’ll re-laugh, you’ll re-cry, you’ll re-hurl.

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